Our latest TV spot has a "new ring" to it …and a lot more!

Posted April 3, 2017

This new TV spot shows what makes Izzy’s such a "choice" location: See our popular Grilled Steak topped with your choice of bleu cheese butter or pub-style onion rings. Then come new smoky Pork Riblets with a choice of rib-tickling sauces, followed by sweet, succulent Honey Glazed Chicken. Izzy’s: one great choice on top of another.

Izzy’s Shows Off a Gourmet Pesto Pizza and Power Salad on AM Northwest

Posted December 14, 2015

Our Executive Chef Wendy Ochs tops it all in this demonstration of making the crowd-favorite Pesto Artichoke pizza, supported by a trio of choice cheeses and topped with a scattering of succulent tomatoes. And to highlight one of Izzy’s other specialties, Chef Wendy shows what makes the wholesome Power Salad so superb—a Wild Raspberry Vinaigrette that adds zing to a vibrant array of veggies including edamame and red kale.