Pause to savor, then fast-forward to our Dinner Buffet.

Posted December 4, 2017

Rated “M” for mouthwatering, Izzy's latest TV spot introduces two sure-fire Buffet Bar hits: tender, hand-battered Tempera Cod, and juicy, flame-grilled Steak, topped with your choice of garlic sautéed mushrooms or melty bleu cheese butter. As always, the supporting cast includes all the fan favorites from our salad, pizza and dessert bars.

Izzy’s Shows Off a Gourmet Pesto Pizza and Power Salad on AM Northwest

Posted December 14, 2015

Our Executive Chef Wendy Ochs tops it all in this demonstration of making the crowd-favorite Pesto Artichoke pizza, supported by a trio of choice cheeses and topped with a scattering of succulent tomatoes. And to highlight one of Izzy’s other specialties, Chef Wendy shows what makes the wholesome Power Salad so superb—a Wild Raspberry Vinaigrette that adds zing to a vibrant array of veggies including edamame and red kale.